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Anime Club 

Anime club is an open and active community for fans of Japanese animation and related arts, as well as promoting anime-related activities on campus and the local community. Our activities include weekly showings of anime, movie nights, group outings, and various other anime-related activities.

Association for Computing Machinery

The Roanoke College Student Chapter of the Association for Computing Machinery is a club dedicated to all things computer-related; it is a place to hang out with others interested in programming and corroborate on interesting projects from network security to robotics. The ACM typically focuses on a single main semester project, such as a single game or a single robotics project. However, other projects can also be explored by members within the club framework and the ultimate purpose of the ACM is to provide a place for those interested in computers and programming to connect with one another to discuss and implement whatever ideas they might have.

Battle for Bast

Battle for Bast is an organization that promotes the use of nerf warfare as a recreational and team building medium. Battle for Bast holds weekly meetings in which students and members of the community may participate in nerf warfare games in which individuals must work as a team to achieve a common objective.

Car Club

The Car Club at Roanoke College was founded on 9/21/12 to provide a common gathering for students who are automotive enthusiasts to meet one another and grow as an organization. We promote an automotive lifestyle through events and gatherings. Our membership consists of current RC students and several alumni and are also members of other clubs and organizations including fraternities and sororities. Our sister club is the Car Club at Virginia Tech (CCVT) with whom we have meets, shows, and gatherings. Our members receive several discounts around Salem at Shops including General Imports of Salem, Autobahn Motorcars, Custom Cars ULTD, and SDMotorworks. We also enjoy the benefits of a Tirerack.com membership which involves a substantial discount.

College Democrats

This organization's major objective is to stimulate interest in Democratic Party politics. Membership is open to all student Democrats and the organization can be contacted through campus mail. 

College Libertarians

We are a student-run organization on campus that promotes libertarian values while facilitating political discourse on the Roanoke College campus. 

College Republicans

This organization's major objective is to stimulate interest in Republican Party politics. Membership is open to all student Republicans and the organization can be contacted through campus mail. This group is inactive at this time.

Culture Shock

The Anthropology/Sociology Club at Roanoke! Join and see what all the fun is about!

Health Education Awareness Team(H.E.A.T.)

HEAT hosts programs on a variety of different topics including Stress Relief, Alcohol Awareness, Sex Education, Nutrition, Marijuana and much more!

Limited Edition

We at Limited edition are a group of people who enjoy reading Graphic novels and having discussions about the issues that are reflected in those novels.

Pruning Maroons

RC Electric

We will create and maintain a 1939 Pontiac electric conversion and other innovative green electric ideas for the advancement of the Roanoke College Community

Running Club

Bringing together a community of runners commonly interested in fun, fitness, personal improvement, and distance running of all levels. All students, alumni, faculty, and staff are welcome!

Student Firearms Association

We are an organization of students who promote the safe and responsible use of all different kinds of firearms for traditionally legal purposes, including hunting, competition, recreation and sport and self defense. We are active gun and shooting enthusiasts who enjoy and take pride in exercising our 2nd amendment rights. We hold weekly meetings to conduct regular club business and plan shooting range trips and other fun club activities. We also educate all of our members on firearms, the basic principles of shooting, gun safety and responsible gun ownership. We provide numerous opportunities for continued education through NRA Basic Pistol, Rifle and Shotgun classes, as well as educational field trips to places such as the NRA National Firearms Museum and the National D-Day Memorial. Additionally, we go out for shooting range trips at multiple different locations in the Roanoke Valley to recreationally shoot different types of firearms several times a month. All members are highly encouraged to join the NRA, but this is not a requirement for membership in SFA.

Students for Life

As written in our club constitution, "Members of Students for Life of Roanoke College work to save lives threatened by induced abortion, euthanasia, and the destruction of human embryos for research. In furtherance of these goals, members seek to promote respect for life at Roanoke College and on a local, state and national level, to educate on life issues, to help those in need so that life is a promising choice and to work with others who share common goals."

Table Tennis Club

Table Tennis Club is a group of like-minded players of the sport Table Tennis that enjoy hanging out with one another and getting better at the sport as well as competing against one another in competitions and events.

Order of the Phoenix

The Harry Potter Club serves as a discussion group on Harry Potter books, movies, internet sites, and share the culture of the Harry Potter world.

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